Thinking of Brightening Your Smile? Here’s What You Should Know

Thinking of Brightening Your Smile? Here’s What You Should Know

Apr 01, 2021

Having a dazzling smile is always a huge plus. Who wouldn’t desire to flaunt a perfect smile? Teeth whitening near you has gained popularity over the years and currently is the most sought-after service within cosmetic dentistry. For this reason, there are a host of options for brightening your smile.

However, for you to get the desired results, you should come and see our dentist in Fort Atkinson, WI. Professional teeth whitening is always recommended because there is the risk of harming yourself or getting undesired results.

For this reason, our dentist at Fort Atkinson dentistry has different options, including home teeth whitening kits for the patients who desire to whiten their teeth at home.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening services near you aim to remove stains from your teeth so that you can have a bright and healthy smile. For the most part, teeth whitening is about improving the aesthetic appeal of your teeth.

However, our dentist near you, looks at teeth whitening as the visible sign of a healthy smile. This is because maintaining a white smile means that you are practicing proper dental habits.

All teeth whitening products have hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. This is the bleaching agent that works by releasing free radicals when applied to your tooth’s surface. The free radicals then break down the stains, making your teeth whiter.

For teeth whitening to be effective, our dentist whitewater has to ascertain the type of stain since there is a specific way of dealing with each stain.

Types of Stains

Not all stains are the same. Tooth stains differ by what causes them and where the stains are located. The different types of stains are:

  • Extrinsic stains. These are stains that come about because of what you consume. Foods and drinks that have a dark hue can easily stain your teeth. This will include coffee, tea, red wine, curry, and dark-colored fruits. In other words, any food or drink that will stain a white t-shirt will stain your teeth.
  • Intrinsic stains. Underneath the enamel is the pale yellow soft part of the tooth known as the dentin. When your enamel becomes thin, it exposes the dentin hence causing your teeth to look yellowish.
  • Age-Related Stains. These kinds of tooth stains are a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic stains. As you age, your enamel continues to thin, which leads to intrinsic stains. As you eat, your teeth can become stained over time, therefore leading to extrinsic stains.

How to Whiten Teeth

As mentioned earlier, teeth whitening is a result of proper oral health. It will be counterproductive to have your teeth whitened and have poor oral hygiene. However, here are the ways that you can your teeth whiter:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional or in-house teeth whitening is when you come to our dental clinic near you, and our dentist bleaches your teeth. Your teeth will be cleaned before your teeth are whitened. Then, protective measures will be undertaken to ensure that the soft tissue is protected against the bleaching agent.

The peroxide gel will be applied to your teeth, and in a few minutes, the procedure is complete. This can be repeated if you desire your teeth to be a few shades whiter. The results are immediate, and your teeth will be evenly white.

Home Teeth Whitening

For people who desire to have their teeth whitened at their own pace and at the comfort of their home, then home teeth whitening will work for you. Our dentist in Fort Atkinson offers two solutions:

  • KoR Whitening

Kor Whitening is a good choice if you need dramatic results. It can remove all stains, even antibiotic stains. Our dentist will give you a home kit with trays, a desensitizer, and syringes of whitening gel.

Our dentist will tell you how long you can use them depending on the type of stain and discoloration. However, in most cases, you should wear them for about 14 consecutive nights if you wish to get the best results.

  • Opalescence and Opalescence Go

These are also home whitening kits that offer great results. You will be given custom trays or ready-to-wear trays. The whitening agents come in varying degrees, which means that you can choose how long you desire to wear the trays.

With these options, teeth whitening services near you have never been better. Contact us at our Fort Atkinson dentistry, Rock River Dental,if you desire to have a brighter smile.

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