Oral Cancer Screenings in Fort Atkinson

Oral cancer screenings may not be something that previous generations needed to worry about, but with the increased incidents of this type of cancer, it’s something that everyone should make sure they have marked on their to-do list. The easiest way to get the screening on a regular annual basis is to visit our dentist in Fort Atkinson, WI, where oral cancer screening is a part of every dental exam we perform.

An Increasing Risk

Recent studies have revealed to health care professionals from all areas of medical science that oral cancer has experienced an uptick in the last several years, even though there is not a definitive answer on why this is occurring.

Indeed, individuals who engage in high-risk activities such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, excessive sun exposure, and family history or previous diagnosis of oral cancer are at greater risk. The data also indicates that this type of cancer is being seen in patients without these factors as well.

That’s why you must consider an oral cancer screening as a part of your routine annual health care. Just as you schedule a time for your annual physical, mammogram, or other preventive health care, Rock River Dental can provide oral cancer screening in the comfort of our Fort Atkinson, WI dentist office.

Visual Screening is the First Line of Defense

Our dentist Fort Atkinson will perform an oral cancer screening as a part of your dental exam. During this time, our dentist near you will be checking for tell-tale signs of the condition such as red or white patches, sores, lesions, or other abnormalities that you cannot detect through self-diagnosis. This test may also include the use of an oral cancer screening dye or an oral cancer screening light if any abnormalities are discovered.

It’s important to remember that if you notice any change in your oral health such as bleeding gums or a sore that won’t heal, it’s better to make an appointment now rather than waiting to mention it during your next scheduled appointment. You can make an appointment now for oral cancer screening in Fort Atkinson, WI by using our convenient online booking tool.

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