Dental fillings are used to fill up cavities present in a person’s teeth. Different types of fillings are available depending on the materials they’re made of. If a cavity is too large, it might require an inlay instead of a filling. Nonetheless, fillings are still some of the most common procedures we perform at Rock River Dental in Fort Atkinson, WI.

What Are Fillings?

A filling is used to repair a tooth. When a tooth develops a cavity, it becomes more vulnerable to trauma since its entire structure is weakened. Additionally, the presence of a cavity means that there is ongoing decay, which can cause further troubles.

Cleaning the cavity and removing all decay, then putting in a filling, is highly recommended by us at Rock River Dental for better oral and dental health.

Do You Need a Filling?

Most cavities don’t produce symptoms. They just exist, and the decay continues until the pulp and nerves of the tooth are affected. Diagnosing cavities when they’re still small in size is preferred to waiting until they’re symptomatic and large.

A small cavity will be cleaned and will need a small filling. Stopping the ongoing decay early on means we get to preserve more of the natural tooth. We always prefer natural teeth to synthetic products and materials, regardless of how helpful they are.

Is Getting a Filling Painful?

Fillings, like other common procedures, aren’t painful. We apply a local anesthetic before we begin work so that you don’t feel any pain while we clean the tooth and remove the decay. Your mouth will be numb the entire procedure and probably for a few hours afterward, too.

No pain is experienced when a filling is put in. You might feel slight pressure, but that’s it.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

Depending on the type of filling you get, your fillings should last for at least five years. By taking care of them and your dental health, you can make your fillings last up to 15 years. It wouldn’t be right to provide an exact number because many factors determine how long a filling lasts.

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