Some years back, visits to the dentist were torturous and unbearable. Fortunately, those days are long gone. At Rock River Dental, we have taken steps to ensure your dental appointments are safe, relaxing, and even fun. Now you can happily look forward to your next dental appointment knowing that we’ll take great care of you.

Our dental team is highly experienced, friendly, and always ready to assist you. We have invested in advanced dental technology to increase efficiency as well as enhance your comfort. Whether you’re coming in for teeth whitening, extraction, root canal treatment, or routine dental cleaning, you can rest assured that you’ll get outstanding care.

We provide a selection of amenities to help you feel comfortable and at-home during your time with us. There’s never a dull or uncomfortable moment when you choose Rock River Dental.

What to Expect

Our amenities are the bonuses that you get when you visit our dental practice. We’re happy to provide the following for our patients:

Heated Blankets

Do you feel a little anxious during your dental appointments? Our heated blankets are not only comfortable but therapeutic and relaxing as well. Ideal for adults and children alike, our heated blankets wrap around you like a supportive friend and help you feel less anxious during treatment.


Imagine catching up on your favorite show while getting root canal therapy? If this sounds like something you’d appreciate, make sure to call Rock River Dental for your next dental appointment. We provide noise-canceling headphones for the ultimate viewing experience.


If Netflix doesn’t work for you, we have Pandora too. Lay back and listen to your favorite music as our dentist Fort Atkinson works on making your dream smile a reality.

Neck Pillows

We know that leaning back on the dentist’s chair can leave your neck muscles feeling cramped. We have soft, comfortable neck pillows to offer you the firm support that you need to undergo your treatment without suffering discomfort.

At Rock River Dental, we want our patients to have the best experience. It’s not enough for us to simply extract or restore your tooth; we want you to feel as if you just had a day at your favorite spa. Call us today to enjoy safe, friendly, fun, and patient-centric dental care that leaves you looking forward to your next dental visit.

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