Incidences That Call for Emergency Dental Care

Incidences That Call for Emergency Dental Care

Oct 01, 2020

If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night with a nagging toothache that just won’t let you get some sleep, you know how it feels to be faced with a dental emergency. Dental emergencies tend to occur when you least anticipate them.

This unpredictable nature of dental emergencies makes it hard to tell when you will need to seek treatment or emergency dental care near you. You never know when you will be making a visit to our dental clinic near you, in search of emergency dental care near you or our emergency pediatric dentist near you.

However, you can still plan ahead and diligently prepare to face a dental emergency before it unfolds. One of the best ways to be ready for any dental emergency is to ensure that you always have our emergency dental clinic contact.

It is essential to have these contacts with you because if you need treatment or emergency dental care near you, you can contact us as you make your way to our dental clinic, notifying us of your dental emergency.

This will give us ample time to prepare before you arrive at our facility to ensure we deliver treatment in the shortest time possible.

It is also just as important to know when you need to come in for emergency dental care. How do you tell if your toothache needs immediate medical attention? Or if you have a dental infection that requires immediate medical attention?

Knowing when to seek emergency medical attention is essential because most of the dental emergencies are time-sensitive. Postponing treatment may put you at a greater risk of experiencing long-term or permanent effects such as tooth loss.

Symptoms That Indicate a Dental Emergency

Some symptoms can help you ascertain if your dental issue is an emergency. If you are faced with any of these dental issues, you need to contact us for emergency dental care:

  • Loose teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Swellings, lesions, bumps, or knots on your gums
  • Trauma to your face or jaw
  • Persistent jaw pain accompanied by facial inflammation
  • A constant and severe toothache
  • Any persistent bleeding within or around your oral cavity
  • A toothache which is accompanied by fever, foul breath, swollen gums, facial inflammation, and tooth sensitivity
  • A fractured or broken tooth that is causing any pain or discomfort

Common Dental Issues Which Require Emergency Dental Care

Here are some of the common dental issues that need immediate medical attention:

  • Knocked-out Tooth

This is one of the common dental issues we handle within our emergency dental clinic near you. You will not believe the number of pediatric cases our emergency pediatric dentist near me handles involving knocked-out teeth incidences.

This mainly happens when children are playing sports or riding their bicycles. This dental issue most often occurs due to trauma, whether due to a bad fall or impact during a sports activity.

A knocked-out tooth is a time-sensitive dental issue. You need to make sure you get attended to within half an hour of the incident to ensure the tooth does not lose its viability. If you are faced with this dental problem, avoid interfering with the tooth’s root.

Pick it up by the crown, rinse it out gently, and if you can place it in its socket and keep it in place there, do so. If this is not possible, carry the tooth in a container of milk to keep it moist.

  • An Abscessed Tooth

If you are experiencing a persistent toothache, fever, swollen gums, tooth sensitivity, and foul breath, you might have an abscessed tooth. This issue occurs when a pus pocket forms on the tip of your tooth’s root due to an infection.

It is a life-threatening dental issue that needs immediate medical attention before the infection spreads any further. You should rinse your mouth with some saltwater to draw up the pus, take some painkillers, and rush to our facility for treatment.

  • Lacerations, Tears, and Tissue Injuries

If you have a laceration within or around your oral cavity, which is continuously bleeding, you need to seek immediate medical attention. These tissue injuries may result in excessive blood loss if not dealt with promptly.

You should rinse your mouth out with some water, try and stop the bleeding using a clean piece of gauze, take some pain killers, and come in for treatment.

If you are faced with any dental emergency, do not panic. Contact us at Rock River Dental; we would love to see you through your emergency dentist Whitewater.

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