Guide on Choosing Dental Veneers Shape and Shade

Guide on Choosing Dental Veneers Shape and Shade

Sep 01, 2022

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped and tooth-colored shell-like materials that repair and restore teeth. Dentists at Rock River Dental use dental veneers to restore a smile’s aesthetic appearance. In this regard, dental veneers near you are ideal oral restorations for cosmetic dentistry.

Dental veneers in Fort Atkinson are different from other oral restorations based on how they work. The veneers only restore teeth from the front side. The dentist near you would need to prepare the front side of your teeth before using dental veneers to correct the existing dental flaws in your smile.

When Do You Need Dental Veneers?

You will not need to get dental veneers for your smile. Patients only benefit when they want to achieve cosmetic modifications. Dental veneers can improve your smile’s appearance by impacting your natural teeth’ color, shape, and size. Some of the dental flaws that can benefit from dental veneers near you are:

  • Chipped, cracked, and broken teeth – can occur due to dental injuries, eating hard foods, or excessive teeth grinding when you sleep.
  • Dental discoloration – stubborn stains, white specs, and a general yellowing of teeth can taint your smile’s appearance. Dental veneers can mask those flaws and elevate the brightness and whiteness of your smile.
  • Small spaces between teeth – if they are unrelated to tooth loss, they typically need braces to close. However, dentists near you can use dental veneers to close the space and even out the spacing of your teeth.
  • Oddly shaped teeth – teeth can be unusually rounded, too pointed, or even strangely shorter than they should be. Dental veneers can restore teeth’ shape to improve their evenness when you smile.
  • Crooked teeth – instead of wearing dental braces for many months to straighten your teeth, a dentist can place dental veneers to mask the crookedness of the affected teeth.

How Do You Choose the Best Dental Veneers for Your Smile?

Dental veneers can tremendously whiten and improve your teeth’ color. If you are not keen when choosing the best shape and shade of dental veneers, you will achieve an unnatural-looking smile. It would help if you had a rough idea of what your smile should look like at the end of your treatment. Some tips to help you choose the best dental veneers for your smile are:

  • Whiten your natural teeth before the treatment – most patients fail to understand that you cannot bleach dental veneers to be whiter. Therefore, if you want a natural and even brightness of your smile, it helps whiten your natural teeth first. Afterward, the shade of white you choose for your veneers will be consistent with the rest of your natural teeth.
  • Use a shade guide – dentists usually have a standardized color chart featuring 44 shades, categorized as either reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, gray, or reddish-gray. Your dentist will help you pick a shade that matches your natural teeth’ color.
  • Choose the teeth shape you prefer – cosmetic dentists use a smile catalog to identify different teeth shapes for patients. Some tooth shapes look better on men than women. Other than gender, factors like age, function, maturity, and preferences play a significant role in selecting teeth’ shape. If you have identified a particular smile you want to achieve, ensure you bring it up with your dentist when selecting the shapes of your veneer teeth.
  • Consider your face type – your facial features should influence the shape of veneer teeth. Even though all faces are different, some basic rules apply to all. The standard categorizations of face types are heart-shaped, oval-shaped, round-shaped, and square-shaped. Each of these face types looks better with certain teeth’ shapes. For example, round faces work better with longer pronounced dental veneers. If unsure what would look right for your face type, liaise with your dentist to make the perfect decision.
  • Find an experienced cosmetic dentist – ultimately, picking the best dental veneers suitable for your smile can be overwhelming. The stakes are higher if your dentist is not well-experienced in handling veneer teeth. Choose an experienced cosmetic dentist Fort Atkinson to enjoy an effortless process when selecting the best veneer shapes and shades.
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