All You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatment

All You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatment

Jun 01, 2022

Did you know that receiving a fluoride treatment near you from our dentists at Rock River Dental is quick and painless and saves you from worrying about future dental costs and more invasive procedures? Even if you routinely use fluoride-fortified oral care products at home that you’ve purchased over-the-counter (OTC), treatment from our dentist near you contains a higher level of this important ingredient that guards against tooth decay.

If you’re searching for a fluoride treatment in Fort Atkinson for maximum protection against cavities and other dental health concerns, we invite you to make an appointment with us.

Do you still have questions? We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about fluoride treatment below. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please give our office a call now.

What Type Of Fluoride Does The Dentist Use During A Professional Fluoride Treatment?

The type of fluoride that dentists generally use is sodium fluoride. Still, practices may vary on the concentration of sodium fluoride based on the manufacturer of the product used in their office. Additionally, sodium fluoride reduces a patient’s risk of developing cavities and helps strengthen tooth enamel, reducing tooth sensitivity.

What makes a professional application of fluoride better than just using over-the-counter products?

When you use over-the-counter products, they contain a level of fluoride that is not as concentrated as professional-use products. Also, when you receive professional treatment, our dentists and dental care teams use specialized equipment to ensure that fluoride applies to every area of a tooth’s surface – something hard to achieve at home.

How does fluoride treatment help me save money?

Fluoride treatment costs are minimal compared to repairing cavities or extracting teeth with cavities too large to be restored. Additionally, when the treatment is added to the end of your dental cleaning appointment or incorporated as a part of your dental cleaning appointment, it’s less time a patient will have to spend away from work or school. Fluoride treatment reduces a patient’s risk of developing a cavity, but it also helps reduce the severity of a cavity should one develop.

How Do You Apply Professional Fluoride?

The application process can vary by dental practice based on the fluoride product used in their office. However, dental-grade fluoride applies with swabs, brushes, mouthpieces, or mouthwash. Our dentists and their staff will ensure that the procedure is comfortable for you, pain-free, and quick.

Who are the ideal candidates for fluoride treatment?

While many articles emphasize the importance of fluoride treatment for children, which is accurate, the therapy is indeed beneficial for all patients. Whether you are a parent concerned about protecting the appearance of your child’s future smile or an adult concerned about the health of your smile, fluoride treatments from our dentists near you are a great way to lessen those concerns.

How Often Should A Patient Receive Professional Fluoride Treatment?

The general guideline is that each time a patient visits a dentist for professional cleaning, they should also ask about or agree to fluoride treatment, which answers this question every six months. However, remember certain instances and medical conditions where more frequent treatments may be necessary. Some examples include patients with gum disease or diabetes. Our team will create a treatment plan for your fluoride treatments that provides the maximum protection with your health concerns in mind.

If you had to summarize the benefits of professional fluoride into three bullet points, what would they be?

  • Professional fluoride treatments are more robust and precise in their application than over-the-counter products.
  • Because of this increased cavity-fighting power, patients reduce their risk of tooth decay and damage to the enamel of their teeth caused by starches and acids in food and beverages.
  • This reduction in the risk of cavities and tooth sensitivity results in less money spent to correct dental concerns caused by cavities.

I Want To Get Back On Track With My Preventive Dental Health, But I Don’t Have Insurance – Do You Offer A Dental Savings Plan?

Yes! At Rock River Dental, we aim to make dental care affordable for everyone in our community by offering dental savings plans for adults and children.

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